The Mystery and History of the
Great Barrington Newsboy Statue

Treasure Buried Under Newsboy Statue!
Satanic Symbol on Fountain Stolen!
Boy who Posed for Statue Lost!
Town May Not Own Newsboy Park?

On the outskirts of Great Barrington, a weather-beaten waif stands on a lonely street corner. He has survived more than 120 years of sleet and snow, hurricanes and hail. His bronze skin has been scorched by the sun and frozen by frost. Yet even a deadly 1995 tornado, which touched down next to him, failed to twist his outstretched arm.

For more than 12 decades, this unknown newsboy has been hawking his papers in the same spot. His penetrating eyes, tarnished by the tears of time, have watched life in the fast lane of Route 23.

Who was this unknown “newsy” immortalized in bronze and frozen in time? What was his name? Why is he here? Tourists and locals have asked these questions (and many others) for years. .

Author, local historian and former newspaper carrier, Gary Leveille provides fascinating answers based on over 30 years of research.

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The Mystery and History
 of the Great Barrington Newsboy Statue

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